Quit Buying Fake Likes and Followers

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You Can Buy Your Friends. Beware: You’ll Lose the Real Ones. PLEASE - QUIT buying followers and likes online! You are getting screwed!!! Here is a very good explanation. PLEASE WATCH if you’re considering buying followers!!! Read More »

Spring Clean Your Webinar

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On this first day of spring, I thought I would take the opportunity to approach a topic that has been a thorn in my side: If you produce “How-to” videos, Webinars, Podcasts, or Online Training courses of any type, here is a little advice: Weed out the crap! Read More »

Having the Social Media Conversation with Your Children

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I have 4 children in middle school: 2 girls, 2 boys. They are plugged-in to their phones, iPods and iPads. They began with Angry Birds and Minecraft games and quickly became interested in YouTube videos of Nickelodeon stars. Next thing I knew, they were creating their own Instagram accounts. So, I did what I recommend all parents do…I started an Instagram account so I could follow them. Read More »

Is Your Social Media Strategy SOCIAL?

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How is your social media strategy working for you? Are you putting out Original, Authoritative and Shareable content that informs, connects and entertains? Here are a few guidelines to keep your efforts in check: Read More »

5 excellent strategies for Facebook contests

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2014 is kicking off with a bang for marketing executives. Our Lake Norman based advertising agency has seen more and more customers express interest in running Facebook contests and promotions in 2014 to add to the growing desire for PPC and SEO service. But why the growth? It’s pretty simple really…. they’re recognizing it’s getting more and more difficult to get your message out to your customers, prospects and fans who are increasingly ignoring marketing oriented messages and advertising on the Facebook timeline. Read More »

Video Increase Email Open Rates

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Chances are, you’re on multiple email lists and receive dozens of emails daily that you don’t even bother to open. If you’re an “information junkie,” you’re on these lists because you’ve downloaded a white paper from a certain company that you respect, so you don’t want to unsubscribe. You continue to receive their emails; after all, you don’t want to miss out on that epic, life-changing nugget of information that could be in the next email from them. So they sit in your inbox, unread. Read More »

Why Online Video Increases Sales

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Online Video Converts More Shoppers
Remember when you had to dress, drive and browse the isles to make a purchase at a brick and mortar? I grew up in the Sears catalogue era and for a time, Sears was the only option for viewing and making a purchase without driving to the mall or nearest shopping center. I would browse that catalogue for hours, circling the clothes I wanted for school, and then dog-earing pages with the dollhouses and weeble-wobbles that I wanted for Christmas. Read More »

Keep Visitors on Your Website Longer

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Want to know how you can implement video on your site THIS WEEK? Download these 5 tips that are simple, affordable and will decrease the bounce rate of your site visitors. Read More »

How Good Business Can Be – Agencies

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How Good Business Can Be
ACME Digital is launching an animated video campaign that highlights companies who offer a product or service of true value. How Good Business Can Be takes a different approach to promoting good business.  Sure, anyone can shout from the rooftops just how great their company is, but when you put them to the test by contrasting them with others in their industry who are doing it “not so well” it validates that claim of greatness.   Read More »

How to Use Hootsuite for Your Social Marketing

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How to Use Hootsuite for Your Social Marketing
Consistency has never been more important than with online posts.  If you submit a post on Tuesday that gets a lot of attention, you’re on the radar, so to speak with your prospects and followers. When these same people see another relevant and informative message from you on Wednesday or Thursday, you’ve established yourself as the authority on the topic.  Your followers will take note the next time they see your post because you have earned their trust.  They expect you’ll have something worthy to share.  It’s that easy to build rapport.  Read More »

How to Stay Current and Active with Your Social Posts

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Social Media Charlotte NC
Staying active online and engaging your prospects is important. Social sites like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram are quick and easy avenues that can lead new customers right to your doorstep. You just have to commit to a schedule. POST! OFTEN! It’s imperative to increasing your visibility. Read More »

What is the Best Way to Advertise?

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Advertising Charlotte NC
What is the best way to advertise?  What is most effective…Television, Print, Radio, Outdoor, Online?  The answer is YES.    Read More »

Get your memory now, or forget about it!

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Get your memory now, or forget about it!
If you need to purchase a new Mac, get your memory now.  You can't upgrade later. Imagine how humbling…Years of bragging about how dependable macs are, and incredibly superior to PCs…and my mac died on me.  I wasn’t worried at first, thinking the guys at the genius bar will fix whatever it is… Read More »

Too Many IT Job Openings and Not Enough Talent

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Too Many IT Job Openings & Not Enough Talent
Too many IT job openings and not enough talent.  It's true.  When you consider the unemployment rate, it’s hard to imagine an industry that has significantly more open positions than there are qualified people to fill them.  That is the case for the IT industry.   Each year, 80,000 jobs are estimated to become available in the IT profession across the nation.      Read More »

How I Got to the First Page of Google QUICKLY

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How I Got to the First Page of Google QUICKLY
Want to know how I got to the first page of google quickly?  It was too easy!  Here's the secret... "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" If you're a parent like myself, you understand the quintessential road trip question from the back seat.   This is what I've put my web developer through for the past few months.  Except, I followed up with "WHY aren't we there yet!!!???"   I wanted to be on the first page of google.  Yesterday!   I knew the answer - and poor Marc knew I knew the answer, but always so politely reminded me that "It's only been a month."  Then, "It's only been two months!"  Followed by, "Peggy!!!  It's been three months.  It's not going to happen over night!" (By then, the reminder was accompanied by a look with an underlying dare to keep asking that same question.) Read More »

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